BRAVE Beyond the Call's mission is to improve the lives of our service men and women by providing financial and emotional support. We are able to do this in a unique way by including these humbled heroes in organized events that are designed around the premise of showing today's youth, no matter their age or skill level, that they can do their part to give back to these real life superheroes.  With each event or activity, there is an element that includes these service men and women, which in turn has proven to give them a purpose beyond what they were called to do.  

The 2021 Win For The Warriors Baseball tournament is Scheduled for May 28-30th.  We are hopeful we will be able to actually play this year.  Click the logo for more information about the event that started our whole organization.  


Promotional T-shirts available to purchase.  All proceeds go directly to Brave Beyond The Call, inc. and help us continue to support our veterans...The "Real life superheroes". 

Long Sleeve $30

Short Sleeve $25

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Salute to Col. Bert A. Lawson

We salute Col. Bert A. Lawson for his selfless dedication and service to his country.  He is a warrior that will be missed by many.  Because of his love for his country and his desire to continue to help the younger generations learn about all the men and women who have served before, beside and after, Col. Lawson supported our organization with all his heart.  Thank you for your service, Sir.  Well done, good and faithful servant.