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"The idea of matching vets and the youth is such a great idea. As a wounded warrior, the relationships I’ve made have been more than a friendship, it’s become therapy. Having a young man or young woman show their love and pride for you and what you have done feels amazing. After getting out, we usually float around looking for a reason, a reason to be needed, a reason to live. This is it!"  
SPC United States Army,
Paul Van Drie

About Us


"You don't have to be a Superhero to give back to one"

The simple explanation is this:

BRAVE Beyond the Call is a non-profit charitable organization. It provides interactive and creative events so those of all ages and skill levels have the opportunities to give back to our brave service men and women.


The Personal touch:

The idea behind BRAVE Beyond the Call was to create an avenue where young kids could give back to service men and women.  This started with a 9U baseball team.  We set up an eight team baseball tournament, Win For The Warriors.  The host team, 12 boys and 2 youth assistants, were each given the name of a specific warrior and they were asked to raise funds on their behalf.  The children were asked to send emails thanking "their warriors" for the honor of playing on their behalf and sharing a little bit about themselves.  Here is where the magic begins....the warriors started writing back.  They answered questions about their service, their ranks, their personal hobbies, etc.  The conversations continued as the baseball tournament drew closer.  The day of the tournament, the weather did not cooperate and plan B was quickly put into place - Whiffle Ball indoors!  But instead of this being a youth event, all able warriors stepped up to the plate and joined alongside the team.  Since that day, many of these warriors and players have continued to share gifts, visits with each other, and have sent letters of encouragement.   We have heard countless stories of how these boys have helped these warriors, not only through the funds they raised, but also by giving them a new purpose.   These warriors have been able to let some emotional walls down because someone believes in them again without judgement.  


This is the heart behind BRAVE Beyond the Call.  It only takes a simple act, something you may already be doing daily, but it can be done in a way that will give an American hero hope.  Being brave may come easily, but living beyond that is the hard part.  Let's all, young and old, work together to make things a little better for those who are BRAVE Beyond the Call.  



Kimberly Maloney


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