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The Cpl. Matthew B. Phillips Award of Courage is Brave Beyond the Call's highest award given.   It is presented to an individual who has shown strength and courage through their individual struggles, willingness to fight the obstacles before them, battling to achieve an insurmountable goal, and showing their bravery in doing so.


This award is named in honor of Georgia native, Army Cpl. Matthew B. Phillips, who made the ultimate sacrifice on July 13, 2008, when his outpost in Afghanistan was attacked by small-arms fire and rocket propelled grenades from enemy forces in Wanat, Afghanistan.  While under constant fire from the enemy, Cpl. Phillips risked his life by personally grabbing an enemy sent grenade, which landed between himself and another solider, and threw it back the direction it came saving his fellow comrades. Ultimately, Cpl. Phillips was struck by an enemy RPG while throwing a grenade at the insurgents.  The insurgent raid on Cpl. Phillips' camp was one of the deadliest incidents for U.S. forces in Afghanistan.  At the time of this attack, Cpl. Phillips and his company were only a few days short of returning home from their deployment.

Thank you Cpl. Phillips for your service.  Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Cpl. Matthew B. Phillips
Award of Courage

2021 Winner is...

Christian Beavers was a very athletic and active young man. His heart was always on the baseball field and more specifically, behind home plate.  While playing in a tournament in Florida, on June 17, 2021, Christian sustained a horrible head injury after falling into the deep set concrete dugout. This injury resulted in a skull fracture and two brain bleeds. He was immediately airlifted from the field and that is where his tremendous fight and courage began.  After several surgeries and many weeks in the hospital, Christian and his mother were finally able to return to Georgia, continuing his care surrounded by their loved ones.  Christian has worked daily with therapies and rehabilitation techniques to help him get back on the field. We are honored to be able to acknowledge his unwavering courage, strength and determination in his efforts to return to his rightful place behind home plate. Keep that courage, Christian.  We've got your back!  Warrior Up!
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