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 Tethered Heroes                                          

"The big brother will always fight for the ones he loves and what he thinks is right.  Through the years, the big brother has been known as the hero, but who does he turn to when he needs saving?  The little brother is the one he then looks to."  

                           SSG United States Army, Jeremy Young  



Tethered  Heroes is a very important element of BRAVE Beyond the Call.  It was the vision of one of our fellow participating warriors who saw for himself, first hand, the value of being active and connecting with today's youth.   These extremely humbled "heroes" never choose to refer to themselves as such, but in the eyes of the kids they have the opportunity to connect with, they are just that...Heroes. What most of us don't realize is these children actually become heroes themselves. You see, they give our service men and  women purpose, love and admire them for who they are and what they have done for each of us, without judgement.  You can literally see emotional walls start to slowly come down as you watch these relationships form.  The tethering process will naturally begin.  Many struggle to connect with those outside of their family, but through the Tethered Heroes program, we connect service members with youth, in a safe environment, so that both now have a hero they can depend on.




"Tethered Heroes is a twist on the big brother/big sisters program, because them boys are just as much a blessing to us as we could ever be to them."  


                           SSG United States Army, Jeremy Young  

Would you like to become a Tethered Hero?  Please submit the form below, and we will contact you shortly.  If you would like to get your child involved, please submit an email to  

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